Re-Grouting and Grouting New Tiles

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!


Re-Grouting Service

Before Re-grouting Service

Grout typically begins to deteriorate and discolor over time in your shower, tub, backsplash and bathroom and kitchen floors. Missing, cracked or loose grout are often caused by leaks, water damage, mould and mildew etc.

Once the mold has penetrated the grout the only way to get rid of it is to remove the existing grout, then replace it. All the cleaning in the world will only remove the mold from the surface of the grout. But the mold will simply redevelop from the inside and work its way to the surface.

Cleaning the grout with harsh chemicals and cleaners such as bleach will actually decay the grout over time. This makes the grout more porous and encourages further mold & mildew.

After Re-grouting Service

Our Re-Grouting Service Process

The Grout Guru NYC process involves raking out all the existing grout. We then vacuum out the joints and apply the new grout.

Our standard process includes mixing the grout with a latex-modified grout additive that improves both sanded and non-sanded grout. The additive helps to reduce water absorption in grout joints, which increases grout strength and improves grout color retention. The Grout Guru NYC makes our re-grouting service a simple and cost effective solution for restoring your tiled area to its original beauty.

New Tile Grouting

The Grout Guru NYC also offers grouting for contractors and home owners who are not comfortable with the grouting of new tile installations.


We offer caulking services for water prone areas such as shower doors, glass petitions in shower, sinks, vanities, toilet bowl etc.

Available Types of Grout

Choosing the correct grout for your particular installation will not only provide the proper finish for your tile, but it will also increase durability and cut down on maintenance. Read our Page about our Types of Grout to learn what grout is best for your application or Contact Us by email or Call Us at 646-825-0303.

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