Leaky Shower Pan & Water Damage Repair

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!

Dirty, Broken Or Old Tiles? Start With The Guru Now!

Leaky Shower Pan?

Leaky Shower Pan

Tiled shower pan breaks down as water enters the cracked grout joints or where the wall meets the floor, causing the surrounding concrete and/or wood to become saturated with water.

The wet concrete becomes over saturated forcing the tiles to come loose and the water to leak out. It’s quite common for a stress crack to form in the concrete splitting the surface tile.

The Grout Guru has a time proven epoxy method of repairing a Leaky Shower Pan. We have a 99% effective rate without removing or replacing the shower pan.

Water Damage Repair

At Grout Guru, our unique repair method removes the damage section of the wall, then replacing with cement board. Cement board is highly resistant to water and will not decay like drywall. Wherever possible, we save your original tiles, clean and reinstall them. If original tiles can not be saved, we will color match old tiles to the best possible color. We then Re-grout the replaced tiles and seal the entire area.

Before Water Damage Repair

Tile Repair

Hollow, loose, chipped and cracked tiles in your kitchen, bath or other tiled areas does not mean complete tile replacement.

Grout Guru can remove and replace your tile in a professional and timely manner.

By replacing individual tiles and performing necessary grout repairs making your surfaces look new again at the fraction of the cost.

Leaky Shower Pan Repair

The Grout Guru will rake out all existing grout, reset the loose & cracked tiles where necessary, clean the surface & finally Re-Grout the tiles with Epoxy Grout. The epoxy’s strength far exceeds sanded or non sanded grout with zero water absorption. The epoxy is completely waterproof, will not change color, grow mildew, no need to ever seal and will remain structurally sound.

The entire Leaky Shower Pan repair process in most cases can be done in 48 hours.

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